We're looking for new Trustees

The period since Boxing Day has been life changing for many of us, with a feeling of community and solidarity unlike anything we've ever seen in our town.


At Hebden Bridge Town Hall we've lived and breathed your response to the flooding. Carried along on a wave of goodwill, tea, and chickpea curry we've learned a lot about what a community can achieve when it all pulls together.


The Town Hall is run by a charity, Hebden Bridge Community Association. The charity has eight trustees at the moment, all of whom are volunteers. We've met some amazing people in the period since Christmas: kind, skilled, ‘can-do’ people who have worked intelligently to build a response to the floods. And we'd like some of you to build our numbers and join our trustee board to complement and widen our skills base. 


We're thinking about what has happened, how we can do it better next time, and how we can channel what we have all been part of into a better future for our town. We're also interested in working alongside other local organisations to learn from towns like Pickering who have used natural solutions to reduce flooding problems. We don't have solutions. But we do think that the Town Hall can offer a place for skilled people and volunteers to come together to contribute to solutions.


We’ve got an important community building to manage, loans to service, and a cafe to run. We need to develop a fundraising strategy and we also want to build on the success of our Staying Well project that looks to reduce social isolation. But we've seen how your Town Hall has the potential to do something really different, and we'd like people to help us explore that as well as bringing new expertise to the board.


For an informal conversation about the trustee role and to find out more about the skills and experience we’re looking for please get in touch with Rachel (rachel.rickards@gmail.com) or Rory (deightonrory@gmail.com ) to arrange a chat.


Thank you to all you amazing volunteers of the last two weeks, 

Trustees of the Hebden Bridge Community Association
Rachel Rickards, Paula Nickson, Rory Deighton, Amanda Ward, Dai Larner, Bob Deacon, Tamsin Curror and Anna Wiseman.

Image courtesy of Ed Chadwick