Events & Jobs at the Town Hall

There have been a few opportunities to work at the Town Hall in Hebden Bridge recently - we blogged about the Facilities Co-ordinator post a couple of months ago - but amongst all of them, we currently have available perhaps the most exciting of the lot. This is our Events Co-ordinator post.

Click here to find out about the Events Co-ordinator post:

Prior to starting this recruitment we reviewed how we do our events activity so now, as well as this post, we have an Events Assistant who the successful applicant will work alongside. This review also means that we have a clear view that our Events Co-ordinator can focus on bringing new activity into the building - though quite where and when some of it will fit is another matter.

The founding trustess of Hebden Bridge Community Association (the charity that owns and manages the Town Hall on the community's behalf) had a vision of a Town Hall at the centre of the amazingly diverse and rich life we have in Hebden Bridge and we like to think that the building has gone a long way towards that vision in it's 5 year life.

The range of "things" that happen here provides a daily diet of variety. We wanted to share a few of them to whet your appetite for this job and encourage you to consider making an application: if on the other hand you are just reading for interest: enjoy !

There are "things" that everyone who comes into the Town Hall sees: the exhibitions and artwork - this year we've had the Hippies of Hebden Bridge and the Handmade Parade for example; there are the big events like the Piano Festival and the Arts Festival - when internationally renowed artists and speakers come to our small town; there are the diversions in the Courtyard like the recent sculpture - Daphne / The Green Woman or last year's Umbrella Tree; and there are signs...endless signs... pointing our visitors to our 7 bookable rooms....

These are the "things" that you'll see the titles of but may not know the content: here's some of them from the last month: Celebrant Training, WEA Poetry & Landscape, Authentic Living Meditation, Natural Flood Management, Power to Change, Hebden Bridge WI, Tourism destination thinking workshop, Lifeline and Expressive Arts Group. To find out what each DOES involve, you'll just have to come and join the team.

And then there are the family events - the weddings, the parties and the wakes - and last but by no means least the civic and public events - Hebden Royd Town Council's Annual Meeting, our 5th Birthday party, and the fireworks on Christmas light switch-on night.